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ICT4D. Case studies of ICT4D projects. Understanding ICT for development I. Participants. Course structure. ... Introduction - Key thematic areas within ICT4D. Example of e-learning. Example of e-health. Example of e-business. Example of e-governance. Millennium Development Goals. Millennium goals video. Critique of the MDGs. Schware, R. (2005 ...

Maternal and Newborn Deaths (ReMiND) Project 2012-2015 (video, 3:41, by CRS). b) CRS' Global Health Innovations Using ICT4D (video, main presentation is 23:45), by Mariana Hensley, CRS Regional Technical Advisor for Monitoring and Evaluation, Accountability and Learning in East and South Asia. Hensley led project design and
GINKS, the consortium representative in Ghana, started building the capacity of civil servants and parliamentary staff on evidence-informed policy making. So far, GINKS has trained over 60 people from Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) and information support staff of the Parliament of Ghana. In April, 2015, GINKS in collaboration ...
    1. The rapid growth in the numbers of attendees at the ICT4D Conference since its inception is testament not only to the fantastic learning and networking opportunities the event provides but also to the global focus on ICT4D. Yet ten sessions on from the first conference, many questions are still being asked about the extent and the type of impact ICT is having in alleviating the agricultural ...
    2. Global engagement at the ICT4D conference Plan International is a content partner at the 11th Global Digital Development Conference taking place in Kampala, Uganda from April 30 to May 3, 2019. The conference brings together hundreds of public, private and civil society organisations from the development and humanitarian community to share ...
    3. Sr. Project Manager, ICT4D CATHOLIC RELIEF SERVICES Ognen Plavevski Solution Architect, ICT4D ... Let's look at some examples: Transformative Power of ICT Access to digital services ... India, and South Africa have some of the highest maternal and newborn mortality rates in the world. MAMA reaches a million women across these countries with ...
    4. An example of this is what CGA is doing in South Sudan to get kids into school. As part of this project, they helped to double the number of kids in school from 900,000 to 1.8 million.
    5. A large part of the backbone of ICT4D was the action framework called the Africa Information Society Initiative (AISI). Seeking to install the ICT infrastructure in Africa, its goals were to were connect every single African village with the global information network by 2010 and spur growth of smaller ICT initiatives in different sectors.
    6. Faculty and professionals from around Africa share their insights on the Top 7 Reasons Why Most development efforts using ICT (Information and Communication Technology) fail. Below are some of the Key Questions from this video — please share Your thoughts too! (Most of it was filmed from Winneba, Ghana, during the ICT4D Poverty Reduction Summit)
    7. Online platform for South Asian community development Still in beta, this group blog offers insights into ICT4D projects in all over South Asia. Stories are for example: wireless computer technology in Nepal or a rural ICT center along with Digital Photography Lab in Bangladesh. Best way to understand information and communication technologies for development Heloise Emdon from IDRC ...
    8. Minimum ethical standards for ICTD/ICT4D research. Sheffield, UK: C3RI, Sheffield Hallam University / SIID University of Sheffield. Introduction. This document defines a set of minimum ethical standards to be applied in ICTD/ICT4D research. It is a response to a call for such standards for the interdisciplinary ICTD/ICT4D research community.
    9. evaluation is applied iteratively throughout the life of the project. 2. THE SIYAKHULA LIVING LAB The Siyakhula Living Lab is an ICT4D project that exists to provide new technology and skills to the rural community of the Mbashe municipality, specifically in Dwesa on the Transkei wild coast of South Africa.
    (2013). Collisions between the Worldviews of International ICT Policy-Makers and a Deep Rural Community in South Africa: Assumptions, Interpretation, Implementation, and Reality. Information Technology for Development: Vol. 19, No. 4, pp. 296-318.
Uthando (Love) South Africa is proud to work with and support a fantastic collection of independent, well-managed, innovative and inspiring community development projects.

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interest in ICT4D studies. For example we find Zheng and Walsham (2008) using Sen´s writings on capability deprivation as social exclusion as a basis for their analysis of two cases, one in South Africa and one in China. The analysis is focused on capability deprivation in terms of well-being freedom and agency freedom.

Home » ICT4D Blog » eric_brewer. ICTD2010 (XI). Technology Sharing in Education.Huawei South Africa is committed to developing literate and educated communities. Therefore, Huawei has partnered with Khulisani to launch a mobile Information and Communications Technology (ICT ...

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